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PREFACE Who Art You? is an International contest devoted to emergent artists, a unique event channeling artists, gallerists, journalists and critics in order to create a showcase for the launch in the difficult art market. The lucky event, at its fourth edition in Milan, was born from the growing need to create a new creative generation. The capital of Lombardy acts as the advocate of young and fresh talent, it is the place where, in spite of the daily difficulties, the artistic creation tries to overpass geographical borders and to blend in with European models. The 2015 edition will undergo an important evolution; the event, that usually lasted just for one evening of presentation and awards ceremony, will have a one week duration seen its coincidence with the opening ceremony of EXPO 2015. This will allow a greater and complete provision of the art pieces experts  and curious visitors from all over the world that will be crowding Milan during that time.Furthermore this year the participants’ number will increase from 80 of last year to 100. AIMS – encourage the training of young artists; – enrich the training path of the individual, through collaboration and confrontation experiences with artists from all over the world; – create a conceptually new exhibition project, resulting from placing different disciplines alongside; – enrich the relationships with critics, curators, gallery owners, art dealers, public and private artistic institutions based in Italy and internationally – aid the in the access in the art market

NOLAB CREATIVE TEAM AND SCIENTIFIC JURY NOlab’s Creative Team will examine all of the applications received in order to choose the 100 participants to the contest. The Scientific Jury will elect the four overall winners of Who Art You? 4, one for each category in the race (painting, photography, sculpture and video), during the vernissage evening of may 15th  2015. The profile of the jury’s members will be published in the special section ”Jury” on the website and presented during the press conference on the april 28 th 2015 SUBJECT The contest is meant to be a meeting opportunity among young international artists with the possibility to exchange ideas and knowledge in a totally free individual expression. Not only will the promoters deepen the poetics and the working practices of the project, but they will act as guarantors of the contest’s talents to help them take contacts with critics, curators, art dealers, journalists and institutions. The initiative is to be considered as an exclusive event to aid the access in the art market and to open new links for the sale and evaluation of one’s art pieces.   Who Art You? 4 provides different moments of presentation to the press and to the personnel through a careful press office activity and to the implementation of a specific communications campaign.  

RECIPIENTS The contest is addressed to italian and foreign artists, aged 18 to 35.  

CATEGORIES –      painting (35 artists); –      photography (35 artists); –      sculpture (20 artists/height max 2m, length max 50kg); –      video (10 artists/max duration 7 minutes, preferably subtitled in English).

ATTENDANCE PRIZE –      presentation of one’s artistic portfolio to the press; –      presentation page dedicated to the artist in the official event’s catalogue –      direct participation to the Special Edition selections –      presentation in the virtual gallery on the web site

CATEGORY VICTORY PRIZE -Personal exhibition of one week’s length in Milan in october 2015. Each winner may expose a maximum of 15 pictorial, sculptural and photographic works and project a video for 2 hours maximum, in a prestigious gallery or in an expositive space.

REGISTRATION The participants will have to send the following material: -presentation card, to be downloaded from the section ”Contest Notice 2015” on the website: , filled out in every section, for every sent image or video; -for the categories painting, photography and sculpture: an image best representing each art piece to be nominated (max 5 art pieces); for the video category: maximum 5 videos (max duration 10 minutes) -curriculum vitae with links to website or gallery about the complete portfoliio. -photocopy of a valid ID. In the event of a successful selection and therefore a confirmation of the participation to the contest,  an attendance fee of 50,00 Euros + IVA will be requested (the payment methods will be disclosed to those directly concerned). All of the above materials can be sent per email or by private courier in an electronic format, on cd, dvd, USB support with a maximum of 5 images that must be in a jpg. format. Videos can also be send with weblinks (vimeo, youtube, etc).

The application email to or the envelope containing the hard copy of the documentation will have to be DELIVERED NO LATER THAN APRIL 20th, 2015. The date as postmarked but the effective delivery to: NOlab Via delle Rimembranze di Lambrate 7, 20134 Milano ITALY will be decisive. Schedules for delivery: Monday to Friday from 9:30 – 13:00 and from 14.30 – 17.30 All incomplete participation dossier will be automatically deleted and will not be taken into consideration form the Creative Team in charge of the first selection. The organization will not be responsible for any sent and not received copy.

SELECTION CRITERIA On the basis of the presented material, NOlab’ s Creative Team will select the 100 artists who will take part in the contest of May 2015. In the vernissage evening the Scientific Jury will proclaim the final winners of the contest, one for each category. The 100 selected artists will be promptly contacted per email or by phone within april 23rd, 2015 though the contact information these will have provided on the participation card. To take part to the Contest, an attendance fee of 50,00 Euros + IVA will be requested (the payment methods will be disclosed to those directly concerned). The list of participants to the contest will be publicly available on the website and on the official Facebook page The evaluation criteria of the presented documentation will be: –      ability to use contemporary ways of expression –      aesthetic quality –      innovation and sperimentation –      value of the artistic research –      creativity –      originality –      transversal use of languages The Creative Team Members of NOlab and of the Scientific Jury reserve the right of immunity of the judgements expressed in the winner selection.

TIMING Application: november 20th, 2014 to April 20th 2015

Selection: April 20th to 24th, 2015 Outcome: within April 24rd, 2015 (by email or phone) Press conference for artist presentation: April 28th, 2015 Dispatch of selected art pieces: within the 7 th of May, 2015 Contest: vernissage – May 15th 2015 – exibition May 16th  to23rd, 2015 Restitution of art pieces: May 24th to be collected from Fabbrica del Vapore from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, from May 25th to June 5th, 2015 to be collected from the office of NOlab. The shipment ,upon request, will be done by the artist and will be done from 5th June to 12 th June 2015. Works not collected or delivered by the due date will become part of the permanent gallery of the operating headquarter of NOlab.

DISPATCH CONDITION It will be exclusive liability of the participating artist to obtain the export/import license eventually necessary such as the requested requirement for the shipping; to this aim the artist will be in charge of obtaining any requested license or permit, and making sure that the delivery will be authorized by the laws of the country the shipment came from, the destination country and every other country and every other country having power of jurisdiction on the goods. We will not be held responsible for the artists or any other person’s non-compliant actions with the export law, with sanctions, with restrictive measures and with embargos, as for eventual damage on the art piece occurred in the shipping process.

RESPONSIBILITY Nolab and Who Art You?, in spite of ensuring the utmost care and custody of the art works received, decline any responsibility for eventual theft,  fire or damage of any kind, to works or people, that could take place during any phase of the event. Any possible insurance request ought to be signed by the artist himself.

CONSENT The Jury’s decisions are final and irrevocable. The prized artists have the right to waive the prize without however requesting Who Art You? any kind of reimbursement , in this case the prize will be reassigned according to the ranking edited by the jury. The artist transfers to NOlab and Who Art You?, without requesting any compensation, the rights or reproduction, exposition, publication, translation and communication to the public, with any means and none excluded, for his art works and for the texts participating to the selection.  NOlab and Who Art You?, in full compliance of moral copyright, will exert these rights for every institutional communications activity inherent to the contest. Each candidate will expressly authorize NOlab and Who Art You?, as well as their direct  delegated bodies, to the treatment of personal data according to the 675/96 law (‘Privacy Law’) and subsequent amendments D.lgs. 196/2003 (Privacy Code), also aimed at the insertion in databases managed by the above-mentioned. The participation to the Contest entails the knowledge and total acceptance of this Regulation.

DONATIONS Donations that will become part of the permanent collection of NOlab situated in the office of Via delle Rimembranze di Lambrate 7, 20134 Milano, are accepted. The location is open to the public and attended by press officers, gallerists, art dealers and collectionists.