Contest Notice 2014

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Download the Contest Notice of Who Art You? 3

The contest is the perfect situation of meeting between young International artists, who will have the possibility to share new ideas and knowledge in a completely judgement-free environment. The event promoters will help young talent to to contact critics, art dealers, journalists and institutions and to improve their abilities and talents.
The contest should be considered as a great possibility of accessing the restricted business of art and getting in touch with new connections and relationships to sell and evaluate their works.
Who Art You? 3 includes several possibilities to get in touch with the press and experts thanks to the work of a good press office and to its planned communication campaign.

The contest is open to both International and Italian artists aged between 18 y.o. and 35 y.o.

- to support the training of young artists;
- to enrich the skills through new collaboration experiences thanks to the association with artists from all around the world;
- to plan a new exposition project, completely new because it is the meeting of different subjects; – to open new business with critics, art dealers, public or private cultural institutions;
- to simplify access to the entry in the art business.

The NOlab Creative Team and the Contest Jury
The NOlab Creative Team is examining every received application to choose the final participants to the contest. The Contest Jury is declaring the top winners of Who Art You? 3, one for each category, during the event night on May 23rd 2014.

- Painting (25 artists);
- Photography (25 artists);
- Sculpture (15 artists), max height 2 m, max length 1 m, max weight 50 kg;
- Video (15 artists), max 7 minutes lasting, better if with English subtitles.

Participation Prize
- presentation of the portfolio to the press;
- descriptive page for each artist on the exhibition official catalogue;
- direct participation to Special Editions selections.

Winners’ Prize
- a collective week for the winners in the city of Milan. Every winner will be able to show a maximum of 10 paintings, 10 photographies, 10 sculptures and videos for a total of 2 hours.

Participants will have to send:
- one presentation paper (downloadable from here), filled in every part, one for every sent image;
- for the categories of painting, photography and sculpture: one image of every artwork you want to present (maximum 5 artworks in total);
- curriculum vitae/resume;
- copy of a valid ID or passport.

All materials can be sent by email or by regular mail in digital version, on a cd-rom, dvd, usb key or SD memory card with a maximum of 5 pictures in tiff or jpeg version.
The envelope with the papers or the digital version of the explained documents or the candidacy email sent to must be delivered within April 18th 2014. The delivery must take place before the deadline. The postmark will not be an evidence.

Viale Piceno 3,
20129 Milano

Opening times: from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 a.m. to 1.p.m. and from 2.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m.
The delivered materials will not be given back and it will be added to the young artists archive.
Every lacking material will not be considered for the selection.
The organization does not take responsibility for sent but never received copies.

Analyzing the received materials, the NOlab Creative Team is selecting the artists who will be able to participate to the contest on May 23rd 2014. During the contest the Jury will choose the 4 final winners, one for each category.

In case an artist is selected to participate at the Contest, he will have to pay 50,00 Euros + Iva (the way of payment will be communicated directly to the selected people).

The selected artists will be immediately contacted by phone or by email on April 22nd 2014.
To participate at the final Contest, the selected artists will have to pay 50,00 Euros + Iva (the way of payment will be communicated directly to the selected people).
The participants list will be published on the website

The selection will be based on:
- Ability to use particularly expressive contemporary ways;
- Aesthetic quality;
- Innovation and experimentation;
- Level of artistic exploration;
- Creativity;
- Novelty;
- New understanding of different ideas.

The NOlab Creative Team and the Contest Judges are not responsible for any disagreement with their selections.

Applications: from November 5th 2013 to April 18th 2014
Selection: from April 18th to April 22nd 2014
Results: within April 22nd 2014 (by email or phone)
Shipping of the selected works: within May 15th 2014
Contest: May 23rd 2014
Return conditions of art works: May 24th at the exhibition place from 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.,
From May 26th to May 30th 2014 by artist’s request by normal mail.
In this case shipping costs are to be paid by the recipient. Not withdrawn art works within June 1st 2013, will become part of NOlab Art Collection.

Sending Conditions
The artist must obtain every exportation/importation bill which is due to deliver the art work. At the same time, the artist needs to make sure they have every necessary permission to send it to NOlab in agreement with Italian laws and origin country laws.
NOlab is not responsible for any demage on the artworks during the shipment or for any penalty fee, negative actions, sanctions, embargos occuring during the shipments.

We are accepting any art works donation. They will become part of NOlab Art Collection, located in Viale Piceno 3, 20129 Milan. The location is open to public and often attended by art experts, collectionists, art dealers, journalists and other artists.